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Downloadable guides specific information about ACRES Burren Aran.

Best Practise Guides

Terms and conditions for Applicants


Burren Ration

Burren IFA and Teagasc have met with Nutritionists from all the main animal feed suppliers for the Burren.

The suppliers listed below are prepared to guarantee that they will provide BurrenLIFE ration as per the original Teagasc specification.

Liffey Mills: Sales, Paul Carkill, 086 0249909

Kerry Agri:  Ennistymon, James Murphy, 065 7071026

Roches Feed:  Sales, Eamon Taaffe, 061 308111


For Farm Advisors

***To be Updated for ACRES***The BP trained Advisor firstly visits the fields in order to obtain the I-1 score.  The Advisor, in the field, will need the Winterage Score Sheet or the BLG Field Sheet, depending on whether they are assessing a Winterage or a Burren lowland grassland (BLG).  The Guideline document, Guidelines Scoring Burren Winterages General Instructions and Guidelines accompanies the Winterage Scoring Sheet, giving guidelines on how to score a Burren Winterage. For BLG scoring the Advisor can reference the guideline document Scoring Burren Lowland Grasslands, General Instructions & Guidelines.    Once back in the office the Advisor then inputs the data into the relevant excel calculator;  into the Winterage Calculator for the Winterage fields and into the BLG Calculator for the BLG fields to obtain the I-1 score for the field.  The final stage of the process is inputting the scores and the management recommendations for all the BP fields into the most recent I-1 workbook, (dated 25th February 2021, password protected for BP Advisors only) and any changes to areas into the area matrix excel sheet.  Once the Advisor is happy, with the plan, the necessary files are emailed to the BP team for processing.

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